Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Environmental Assessment

The development planning process now requires EIA’s. These Assessments are required for both existing, new build, refurbishment or re-development projects. We have provided our clients with different sustainable cost effective solutions for a diverse range of complex site problems.

We achieve this by carefully analysing all aspects of the clients proposed intentions and the impact the scheme will have on the site and surrounding environment. The company approach is to provide the most cost effective solution in order to comply with the required legislation.

Flood Risk Analysis

The Planning Authority and the Environment Agency now require justification that the proposed development will not be at risk from flooding or on large development schemes increase the risk of flooding by changing the natural or man made hydraulic pathways.

We have provided our clients with flood risk Assessment to meet the criteria of PPS25.

Foul and Surface Water Drainage

We offer a comprehensive design service for both Public and Private sector works. Our projects range from single domestic dwellings to large housing developments including section 104 Agreements. We offer detailed design services for soakaways, attenuation storage, and pipework analysis.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering is the study of combining the earth with engineering science. The type of work we undertake involves interpretation of factual reports, bearing capacity calculations, settlement calculations pile design and slope stability analysis.

The majority of reports prepared by the company are both factual and interpretative giving clients a factual account of the site conditions and the design parameters to enable the proposed works to be designed.

Heavy Groundworks

On large schemes cut and fill techniques are used to offer cost savings to a scheme. Calcinotto with our specialist groundworks consultancy can provide a 3D topographical visualisation and interpretation of site levels and volume of earthworks to be re-used or treated that minimises the amount of soil removed from the site into landfill.

Highway and Pavement Engineering

We provide designs for Public and Private section works. Our projects range from small housing estate highways to larger scale developments and include section 278 and 38 Agreements.

  • Material Specification
  • Construction Technologies
  • Cycle ways
  • Traffic Surveys

Sustainable Urban Drainage

Our sustainable urban drainage designs are produced by careful analytical assessment of the site and surrounding areas.

The type of schemes include:

  • Porous Paving
  • Grey Water Re-cycling
  • Balancing Ponds
  • Swales
  • Soakaways
  • Attenuation Systems