Structural Engineering in Dorset

Structural Engineering

Foundation and Substructure Design

Geotechnical,Foundation and Substructure design rely upon specialist knowledge and the ability of the Engineer to interpret the geological parameters and geotechnical interface to provide the correct solution.

We provide a full consultancy service including site investigations, geological and environmental analysis for any type of foundation and substructure design.

New Buildings

We work with all materials for all building types in any relevant sector under many different types of contract. Our clients are able to choose what type of service they require. The company has a track record effectively integrating our expertise into projects and our clients value our ability to understand their needs from the outset.

Refurbishment and Renovation

Our history in this type of work spans over two decades. Our archives suggest to us that we have tackled a wide variety of complex refurbishment and restoration projects that have required specialist detailing to overcome engineering challenges presented by buildings already built.

The company has been involved in restoring some truly outstanding and unique graded buildings dating back to the 16th Century.

Feasibilities Studies

To date the company has provided our clients with countless feasibility reports.

These reports are detailed and tailored to our client requirements. They can be in a simple form enabling clients to gain a quick appreciation of the engineering required on a proposed development or a more comprehensive report providing a full worked up scheme to enable a more accurate cost to be established.