Our New Identity



We’re thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity and redesigned website. This new look will pave the way forward. Over the last 6 months, we’ve begun to grow by introducing new team members and new client and consultant relationships whilst strengthening existing ones.

Since our founding in 2003 as Calcinotto & Associates, Ltd., the company has always been identified by its unique name, and we wanted to embrace that in the new identity. Our clients are high end architects with an appreciation for elegant design and a keen eye for detail, and we wanted a brand identity that would appeal to them. Engineering can be very hard and structured, but we wanted to speak to the more artistic side of the business.

Julian, Matt and I sent the team at Make Studio some inspiration for the new concept. This allowed them to get a sense of our personalities and what we like in a brand in order to create concepts that would feel authentic. The resulting logotype has a stenciled effect that references the engineering side of the business but is applied in a way that better resonates with our clients. Once we selected the concept, Make Studio designed the roll-out of the brand, including the website, signage, office environment, photography and high-end print materials. We feel that the new brand and its application far better reflects the quality of our work and the work of our clients.

We are excited that our new website and brand identity showcase our key values of quality, creativity, collaboration and integrity and represent our continued commitment to the industry.

Alex Wait