JLR Showroom Christchurch

The Westover Group has invested £15 million into the development of a new Jaguar Land Rover dealership in Christchurch, which is to be built in place of the former Land Rover showroom on Bailey Drive, Christchurch. This new showroom has used the JLR branding incorporated into the design by SRA Architects, and was opened in 2018, following the opening of Westover’s new £7.5m Jaguar Land Rover service centre set on a three acre site to the rear of the dealership.

The Showroom has a huge capacity; it houses more than 100 approved used cars, as well as the complete line up of new vehicles. As well as this,  the site delivers a complimentary barista bar, electric vehicle charging facility, relaxed seating areas with free Wi-Fi, interactive colour and trim display, brand heritage and merchandise area, and dedicated areas for vehicle handover as well as improved parking.

The task set to Calcinotto was to reuse as much of the original showroom structure for the new development. The modern architectural design of the new facility was far from the original building. Working with the design team, we were able to retain over 50% of the original steel frame and 80% of the original foundations without additional strengthening works. Looking back, Calcinotto delivered this project to a high standard, and the Showroom’s amenities have proved useful when dealing with clients.


Westover Group




Christchurch, Dorset


SRA Architects


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