Condition Assessments

Conservation Engineering

The company has provided a full service to clients who wish to renovate, restore or add to existing conservation listed buildings. We have worked on projects ranging from 16th-century structures requiring sympathetic attention to detail to local buildings that had been built using Cobb.

Materials Analysis

Calcinotto has close links with fellow expert specialists and, through desktop study and investigation in laboratories, we can offer a full historical diagnosis and prognosis. With a clear understanding of the problem and its origin, we can confidently provide a full and comprehensive solution to our clients.

Structural Assessment

Our engineers have a thorough structural understanding of assessments and investigations and are capable of providing both condition and structural survey reports. Over a period of 30 years, the engineers have gained experience in dealing with a wide range of different building structures, ranging from harbour jetties and London Underground escalators to dilapidated historic listed buildings. Drawing on this breadth and depth of experience allows us to give our clients a practical solution which offers value for money. We have also been engaged in the role of ‘Expert Witness’ for clients on projects that have incurred structural problems and/or are exhibiting structural distress.

Historical Façade Analysis

The company offers clients advice on facade failure and problems associated with different types of materials failure. Degradation, chemical attack, connections and corrosion, to name but a few, are all common types of failure. The assessment of facades needs careful consideration when developing the most suitable form of repair and, in some cases, replacement. The facade provides buildings with several functions; water tightness, structural support, thermal control, aesthetic integration, acoustic treatment and capability of movement; all of which need to be considered, if not addressed, during the analysis.

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