Pre Planning Services

Calcinotto has a track record in providing invaluable advice to our clients pre-planning (and occasionally pre-purchase) by carrying out feasibility and due diligence studies of the proposed site.

At the early stages in the life of a project, we can offer the following services:

  • Review overall site proposals, from a civil and structural perspective, to identify any “abnormals” which may affect plot purchase price and/or viability of development
  • Commission a ground investigation to carry out on-site and lab testing of soil and groundwater samples to identify any risks below ground, such as contamination, ground gases, high water table, poor sub-soil etc.
  • Request local searches for public foul and surface water systems to identify how the site may be drained and if adquate capacity is available.
  • Commission site-wide surveys, such as topographical, CCTV (existing drainage), traffic counts etc.
  • Flood Risk Assessment and liaison with local flood authority and/or Environment Agency in relation to drainage proposals and flood risk.
  • Drainage Strategy and/or Maintenance Statement, including pre-development enquiries to local water company.
  • Transport Statements, Assessments and Travel Plans.
  • Plan and vertical vehicle tracking layouts.
  • Cut and fil exercise utilising 3D topographical survey to optimise site levels and quantify materials to be taken off-site.

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