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We believe the best partnerships are the ones that last. We are here to listen, learn and collaborate, whilst providing expertise for your project.
We will be your trusted partner designing your best project outcomes.
We take time to listen and fully understand what is important to you and will ensure we totally provide what you want your project to give you.
Certainty of Delivery
Your project will be in the safe hands of a partner with longstanding, proven experience in delivering quality without compromise.
We will work with you to develop preliminary designs. This will involve outlining the overall scope, layout and functionality of the project, as well as exploring different design options and alternatives. Preliminary design helps establish the project vision and sets the direction for subsequent design phases.
Unrivalled Service
We are always looking to excel in order to raise the bar and challenge ourselves to go further; to be faster and better than before.
Our commitment to our clients is to provide a service that realises their requirements, addresses sustainability and maximises the use of materials, whilst providing a design solution that is cost effective and fit for purpose.

Why select Calcinotto for your next project?

Calcinotto brings versatile experience to various sectors, serving both public and private clients, including education, health, retail, residential, research, commercial, leisure, hotels, and car parks.
Project inception to completion
Encompasing the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of your project.
The design process creates detailed plans, specificaitons and drawings, including layout, dimensions, materials and civil & structural requirements.
Overseeing the construction process to ensure the project is built in accordance to specific designs and standards, safely and efficiently.
Maintenance and management
Ongoing maintenance and management, developing plans, regular inspections and implementing repairs and upgrades as required for continued funtionality.

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We have the experience, dedication and passion expected by our clients when they’re looking for structural engineering solutions to help them meet their business needs.

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Our Values


We understand, listen and learn; we respect our differences; we take care of ourselves and others; we treat others the way they expect to be treated.


We are one Calcinotto; we take pride in all we do; we do what we say; we challenge and improve; we work together, win together and celebrate together.

Energy & Effort

We bring our best in everything we do; we do it right, we do it once; we never give up; we keep things simple.


We value and grow our people; we do the right thing; we are fair and trustworthy; we are accountable.