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We have the experience, dedication and passion expected by our clients when they’re looking for civil engineering solutions to help them meet their business needs.

Why Calcinotto for Civil Engineering?

Our civil engineers specialise in the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects and systems. Our team understand authority and industry requirements, standards and guidelines.

We utilise our expertise in the specifications for Civil Engineering to prepare concept, functional and detailed designs of civil infrastructure.

Our involvement and appreciation of the project life-cycle ensures we deliver efficient designs, which are constructible and are cost effective. Our design and modelling services encompass foul and surface water drainage systems in both public and private sectors such as; residential, commercial and leisure.

We constantly endeavour to exceed industry standards and perform at new heights

About our Civil Engineering Services

With a substantial portfolio of signature projects, Calcinotto is trusted to deliver outstanding civil designs regionally, nationally and internationally.

Why choose Calcinotto for civil engineering?

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The Civil Engineering Process

Our process encompasses the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure projects as requested by our clients.

Design Stage

The design process creates detailed plans, specificaitons and drawings, including layout, dimensions, materials and structural requirements.


Overseeing the construction process to ensure the project is built in accordance to specific designs and standards, safely and efficiently.

Maintenance and Management 

Ongoing maintenance and management, developing plans, regular inspections and implementing repairs and upgrades as required for continued functionality.

Civil Engineering Services

Our civil engineering services encompass a wide range of activities aimed at planning, designing and constructing infrastructure projects. Some of our civil engineering services are listed below.


Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and natural built environment.

It encompasses a wide range of infrastructure projects, including buildings, roads, bridges, dams, airports, tunnels, water supply systems, sewage systems, and more.

Our civil engineers are responsible designing these essential structures and systems to ensure they are safe, sustainable, and efficient. They use principles of engineering mechanics to analyse and design structures and systems that can withstand forces and environmental conditions.

We want the experience of working with our civils team to be seamless. Our engineers have a track record of successfully competed projects demonstrating their expertise.

The team have strong technical skills and possess strong problem-solving skills, able to think creatively to overcome challenges and find innovative solutions. Our engineers communicate clearly, listen attentively and can convey complex technical information in and understandable manner.

We conduct ourselves professionally, adhere to ethical standards and demonstrate integrity in our work.

Civil engineers come from all walks of life, all sorts of backgrounds. The work is incredibly varied and so are the people that choose engineering as their job.

It is advisable to have an interest in some of the following subjects; maths, physics, digital and computing. We embrace those wanting to start their civil engeering career, or those wishing to progress and gain more varied expereince. We will support you with any learning and provide a wide range of projects to gain on-the-job experience.

Our Civil Engineering Team

Our talented team are creative, love to question, explore and push boundaries to provide the ultimate design, delivery and advice for our customers.

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