Poole Property Club (PPC)



Calcinotto can proudly announce that we are sponsors of the prestigious Poole Property Club,and celebrated the PPC Launch on Thursday 27th April.


Here at Calcinotto, we believe that this is a forward thinking solution to supply the industry with future professionals, and to network with our peers. Within this networking opportunity from the Poole Property Club, we can support the community with valuable and sustainable solutions to your construction needs as well as ensuring a wide range of experts able in every field, a component of every thriving industry. We are most excited for this opportunity because it not only allows us to make new connections, but to also strengthen existing connections as well.

Since our establishment in 2003, we have created a hardworking and successful team for your service, with a blend of experience and youth that works on both public or private sectors, because a key value of ours is to provide for the community through both efficiency and innovation, therefore having this opportunity to represent Poole Property Club and be a part of what it stands for is very important to us at Calcinotto.


With big plans yet to be unveiled at Calcinotto, including our celebrations for our 20th year in service, working with Poole Property Club has enabled Calcinotto to move forward in terms of networking and brand awareness, establishing ourselves as a prominent body in structural endeavours; our clients are high end architects with an appreciation for elegant design


Further collaboration awaits us at Calcinotto, so watch this space!


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