Renovation of the 15th Century Taymouth Castle

The magnificent Category A Listed Castle and Estate is a designated as a Historic Garden and Designed Landscape. The whole estate has two other Category A Listed buildings, the Dairy and the Chinese Bridge along with 16 further Category B Listed buildings.

The Neo-Gothic castle is a 4 storey block featuring circular angle towers that rise to 5 storeys. The castle’s history is the result of several schemes of aggrandisement of the original 16th century Balloch Castle, by no less than five important architects in little more than a century. The extensive garden was a formal design with many alterations being well recorded for modifications and embellishments throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

The engineering works covered not only the conservation and restoration of the Castle and other estate buildings but also the construction of new buildings. These additions are necessary to deliver an economically viable and marketable hotel.


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Taymouth, Scotland


McKenzie Strickland Associates