Luca Calcinotto

About Luca

Proficient in Adobe products, particularly Illustrator and Photoshop, Luca channels his creativity into graphic design, ensuring our visual identity resonates effectively with our audience. Pursuing a Level 7 qualification in digital marketing, Luca will elevate our digital outreach and engagement strategies over the coming years.

Luca works with Paula to establish a new side of Calcinotto: Business Development. Together, they drive the company’s social media presence, craft marketing strategies, and mould the overall brand image. Within the admin team, Luca is known as the go-to “computer guy.”

In his role, Luca is learning marketing strategies, nurturing client relationships, identifying business opportunities, but takes the lead when managing Calcinotto’s online presence and brand identity. Luca mainly focuses on digital branding and corporate responsibility initiatives.


Year at Calcinotto


Passions: Graphic Design & Writing


Lego bricks placed!

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