An Unforgettable Placement: Work Experience



Hosting a work experience placement is not just an opportunity for a company to showcase its operations; it is also a chance to witness the growth and potential of young minds. Over the course of a recent 5-day work experience placement, we had the privilege of welcoming bright and enthusiastic youths into our organization. This experience allowed us to provide guidance, share knowledge, and contribute to their professional development.

The placement taught valuable skills of a typical office job, organisation and punctuality whilst also reflecting on the ability to act in a professional manner to their colleagues. Being in the construction sector, the students learnt all about engineering from our team of seasoned engineers, and undertaking a project of their own on the final day. As well as Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering, the students delved into a world of Marketing and HR, of which will prove useful in later life, broadening their knowledge of a 9-5 job and hopefully bringing new faces into the industry!


If you wish, or know anyone who would like to apply for a work experience placement at Calcinotto, don’t hesitate to send us an email at Please enquire about availability. 

Luca Calcinotto