Adanac Park (Phase 2), Nursling

Oceanic Estates
Nursling, Hampshire
Boyle + Summers Architects
Mildren Construction
Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

Adanac Park Phase II, Nursling, is a large development on the outskirts of Southampton, comprising the design and construction of two industrial/commercial units at the Business Park just off the M271, incorporating new vehicular accesses from the Phase 1 highways, hard landscaping and car parking together with associated aisles and footpaths.


Planning construction and access

The plan, to bridge the gap between Phase I & Phase III was to bring in two units allowing for better access & parking for Adanac Business Park. 


A tailored engineering solution

There are two units on this site, which have been designed to split into smaller spaces with provision of future mezzanines, if required. The primary structure is a structural steel portal frame, with a combination of traditional masonry and cladding to all elevations. A detailed ground investigation was carried out, recommending a traditional foundation solution of concrete pads and strip foundations. The site is positively drained by gravity to the existing local system installed during Phase 1, with the surface water being attenuated on site to limit the flow to rates agreed with the local utility provider.

The levels across the site were carefully interrogated to determine the optimum finished floor level for both units to optimise the cut and fill and also ensure that the drainage and highways for this phase could connect to both the Phase 1 works and the proposed works for Phase 3.

Adanac Park is the first high-quality light industrial and office development in the area to be constructed in a decade. The initial phase, consisting of 32 leasehold units located on Adanac Drive adjacent to Ordnance Survey, is fully occupied. Phase II includes 10 units, each ranging in size from 5,834 sq ft to 21,980 sq ft, offering a variety of options suitable for medium-sized tenants

Phase II Adanac Park is one of the best locations in the region being the gateway to Southampton at Junction 1 of the M271 at Nursling, between Southampton city centre, docks and M27. It is also located within the Solent Freeport Zone.

The Solent Freeport is a major opportunity for the UK as it seeks to strengthen its trading position and develop new trading relationships. The Solent’s location makes it the UK’s most important gateway to European and global markets. It will accelerate the creation of high-quality employment space, with investment specifically targeted at state-of-the-art growth sectors and ground-breaking approaches to decarbonisation and green innovation.

The Solent has a track record in translating innovation and new technologies into commercial success, and there is an appetite for innovation and building sustainable, long-term opportunities now and in the future.