Dorchester County Hospital

Dorchester County Hospital
Medical Architecture
Tilbury Douglas
Structural Engineering

Calcinotto are appointed as part of a multidisciplinary team to this New Hospitals Project at Dorchester County Hospital. 


Empowering local emergency services

The primary aim of the project is to provide a new Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit over two floors, together with associated ambulance drop-off area, access roads and short-term patient parking. The continued operation of this busy hospital has to be considered within our project brief, together with the intentions of the Master Planning team across the wider context of the site.


A structural and access solution

As a result of this redevelopment of the existing hospital site, the current location of the helipad will become obsolete and our development will have to incorporate a helipad at rooftop level within the overall design concept. A helipad consultant has been appointed to assist the team with this specialist item. 

The design has considered multiple options, in consultation with the hospital’s clinical and estates team, arriving at the design that has now been prepared for OBC and tender under the P22 Framework.