Hemel Hempstead School

Hemel Hempstead
Noviun Architects
Tilbury Douglas
Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

Calcinotto is pleased to be working with Noviun Architects and Tilbury Douglas, on the creation of a new teaching block within The Hemel Hempstead School.


Expanding school facilities

To meet the growing need in Hemel Hempstead for school places; this expansion included an investment in sports, music, science and dining facilities.


Smart construction and planning

This new development includes the following:

  • Construction of a new three-storey secondary mainstream school building;
  • Connection of new foul and surface water drainage to the existing public system within the site, with the potential of a new GSHP borehole and sustainable attenuation plus relocation of existing soakaway and/or combining with attenuation for new block.
  • Construction of external works including MUGA pitch, area for outdoor learning, 3 bay cricket pitch and widening of existing path to 3m.
The site’s arrangement allows for a new three-storey building in the south of the main lawn, facing the Main Block. It is parallel to the existing row of trees enclosing the space.

The new construction, positioned to face the original and dominant Main Block, enhances the definition of the top playing field by framing and enclosing it, thereby creating a new external quadrangle. This 3-storey building replaces four single-storey blocks and two 2-storey blocks with a more efficient footprint, resulting in a net increase in external spaces.