RFU Centre

Rugby Football Union (RFU)
Bagshot, Surrey
Forge Design Studio
Volker Fitzpatrick
Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

Situated within the grounds of Pennyhill Park Hotel, this project involved the construction of a new 29,000 square foot training centre, which encompassed a state-of-the-art 3G indoor pitch, a professional gymnasium, and well-appointed changing rooms and showers.


Built adjacent to an existing training pitch within the premises of the fully operational five-star Pennyhill Park Hotel, our primary challenge throughout the project was to minimize disruption and prioritize safety.

Efficient temperature regulation was a key consideration for the facility, and it was ingeniously designed to remain cool without the need for a comfort cooling system, as well as any local sound disturbances. 


To address these requirements, the construction solution utilized a pile foundation and a steel frame superstructure, complemented by a built-up roof system featuring over-pitch roof lights. The building envelopes seamlessly integrated traditional brickwork with contemporary Trespa paneling, accentuated by striking corner windows that added a touch of architectural flair.

Moreover, to mitigate any potential acoustic disturbances, a perforated soundproofed liner was meticulously installed internally, ensuring a conducive and harmonious training environment. Security measures were also given due attention, incorporating fixed mesh screens in the undercroft areas and plant room, as well as roller shutters and sliding doors throughout the facility

The building envelopes seamlessly integrated traditional brickwork with contemporary Trespa paneling, and utilises corner windows for architectural flair.

By successfully navigating these challenges and implementing thoughtful design and construction solutions, the new training centre at Pennyhill Park Hotel stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional projects that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and operational considerations.