Chewton Glen Treehouses

Calcinotto has a long-standing relationship with the Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa, carrying out various services on the estate, including portal frame agricultural structures, highway design, and civil engineering works. In this project, we were commissioned to provide Civil & Structural Engineering services for the bespoke luxury treetop houses.

The proposed development was for twelve luxury suites in six lodges on stilts in the grounds of the Chewton Glen Hotel, optimising the spectacular views at the edge of the New Forest. Great care was taken to ensure that the lodges seamlessly integrated with their surroundings, paying homage to the pristine beauty of the green belt, the proximity to the New Forest National Park, and the ecological value of the area.

Due to the sensitive nature of the surrounding area, driven piles were adopted with concealed above ground bracing, as ground beams were not permitted. Bracing the columns was also not allowed, as the visual impact of the structure was to be kept to a minimum. Stability was achieved by using a series of moment frames. The superstructure needed to be hidden within the building fabric, which was 120mm in width. The lodges were kidney-shaped in the plan, which meant that approximately 80% of the horizontal steelwork was curved.

The structural constraints and complexities, combined with the planning, environmental considerations, program requirements, and client expectations, made this a very challenging yet enjoyable project to be involved in. Despite these challenges, our team embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly, drawing on our expertise and passion to deliver exceptional results. This project stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and our ability to navigate multifaceted endeavors with finesse and proficiency.


Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa




New Forest, Hampshire


Terence O'Rourke


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